Birds of Prey is a TV Show that sadly only lasted one season. Based on the DC Comics of the same name, it follows three young women, each of whom have some kind of special ability or talent that aids them in their crime-fighting activities.

Barbara Gordon is Oracle, the technological center of the team. Wheelchair bound after an attack by The Joker, the woman who once fought alongside Batman as Batgirl now monitors the activites of both criminal and crime-fighter from their lair high in the Gotham Clocktower. She takes under her wing the daughter of Batman and Catwoman, Helena Kyle, aka Huntress. Her mother now deceased and her father unaware of her existence, Huntress has a strong sense of justice combined with inherited meta-human abilities of strength and speed. Eventually, a girl named Dinah joins them, desperate to escape her life and become part of the Birds of Prey. Daughter of the Superhero Black Canary, she has inherited her mother's abilities, but needs the support and training that only Oracle and Huntress can provide.